There are 3 methods to get an Ad posted to this website. Please refer to page which shows the methods with Sinhala instructions.

Method 1: 

Simply dial our hotline number 0779884424. We will help you to publish your Ad conveniently.


Method 2: 

Send 5 images of your vehicle to 0779884424 through Viber or WhatsApp or imo. We will call you and get rest of the information and publish the Ad


Method 3:

Fill up the form in this link  and submit your Ad.


For viewing the status & modifying the posted Ads, there should be a user account.

If you are posting an advertisement for the first time and not created a user account with, then a user account is automatically created for your convenience with your name & email address entered in the “Owner Name” and “Owner Email” fields in the “Post an Ad” form and the login credentials (username & password) are sent to your email address once an Ad is successfully posted.

If you are posting an advertisement with the same email address from the 2nd time onwards without logging in, you will be notified to login to post the Ad.

Simply send an Ad removal request email to [email protected] mentioning the Ad title and Ad reference number or contact us through the contact details mentioned in the page.

Login to your user account and select your Ad from “May Ads”, do necessary modifications and submit for publishing the modified Ad.

If you find any difficulty in doing modifications yourself, please contact us through the contact details mentioned in the page. has the feature of tagging an Ad as a  “Sponsored Ad” and once tagged it will be displayed on home page on the Sponsored Ads section with automatic scrolling. 

This is a value added service provided by and an additional payment is to be made to tag as a Sponsored Ad.

You may contact us to understand further details and pricing of the same through the contact details in page.

Yes of course.

For example, if your bus or van is running Office Hires during weekdays and Special Hires on holidays, then you can get it published under “Office Transport” category as well as “Special Hire” category.

Those two advertisements of the same bus or van will be stored as two separate Ads with relevant different information for the different categories.

We offer very reasonable prices for publishing your advertisements on this website and we have different seasonal discount offers as well.

Therefore, please contact us through the contact details in page to understand your requirement clearly to give right pricing details.

Normally provides one year period for an Ad to remain in the website from the date of publishing and the Ad will automatically get expired if not renewed.

If you need a different Ad expiry period, it can be arranged based on your requirement.

Normally, we will inform you before expiring your Ad already published on

If you wish to renew your Ad, you may pay and confirm the same before the date of expiry. is the first First & Largest Transport Bus & Van Services Online Search Assistant in Sri Lanka which is dedicated for such service.

Unlike any other classifieds website, is specifically designed to serve easy & accurate searching of transport requirements by users.

Therefore, users prefer in finding such transport services online and you will get more and more business with our marketing campaigns by exposing your Ads to the potential customers every nook and corner of Sri Lanka.

You will receive very reasonable & affordable pricing with unmatched service as well.

Please select the correct category, type few letters on “Pick-up” location or “Drop-off” location or “School” or “Nearest pick-up Town” fields and select from the list appearing and then press the “Search” button. Better to try different combinations to find what you searched for. 

You may first try different combinations on “Pick-up” location or “Drop-off” location or “School” or “Nearest pick-up Town” fields.

If you still cannot not find, click on “Click Here” found with below statement in search results page.

Couldn’t find what you searched? Click Here

Then, please send us the details of what you searched for by filling the form in the page loaded by clicking “Click Here” above.

We will give our fullest support to find what you wanted and if it’s still no available in our website, we will take action to bring such advertisements to our website.